​Where we have come and where we plan to be...
Daisy Chain Trust was created by a Mum who's daughter had been bullied terribly, after attempting to take her life and while they had a great experience with the public health system she realised that there really was more that could be offered. The PERSONAL touch. It has been something she had been pondering for many many years. After the most recent events it was then her friend joined the journey,  who's daughter also attempted to take her life. This brought about many conversations and planning and ideas. Some good, some brilliant, some downright silly! But.... it brought us on the Journey of DCT.
The Journey thus far has brought us to here Jan 2018, 12  weeks after deciding to 'create some awareness' on Facebook while we had our application in with the Charities Commission to become a NZ Registered Charity.  But DCT has blossomed and bloomed in ways we could not have imagined. And so when a 10 acre property presented itself, I can assure you there was much umming and ahhing and eeking over this, it was decided to just DO IT!!!! it was however what the original plan was many many years ago!
This is the end vision! To be able to provide to YOU, our community, a sanctuary. A safe place. Somewhere you know there will ALWAYS be someone to support you in times of darkness.

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RejUvenation Within - Starting the Journey Jan 2018
  1. The Accomodation
    The Accomodation
    Consent for the accomodation will go in very early in the new year. We plan to construct custom cube style cabin buildings - So there will be a separate space for each individual, couple, group, family. We are looking for an area of land from which we can do this, if you can help please get in touch.
  2. Communal/Family Area
    Communal/Family Area
    Cube Cabins are custom building us a fantastic modern, fresh but very functional unit that will house 2 bathrooms one at each end, a mini commercial kitchen and a lounge, dining area for us to all come together every evening for food, laughs, chatting and company, and of course new friendships.
  3. Outdoor Entertaining Area
    A wonderful outdoor BBQ area with seating to enjoy the summer evenings with the new friends you have met along the way.
  4. Community Vegetable and Herb Garden
    Our community vegetable garden is on site, this is where all of our amazing fresh produce will come from for our retreat guests, and to go in our food packages for the community. We will also take the excess in to our good friends and major sponsors City Harvest Food Rescue to help other charities also.
Our Vision
The Retreat

RejUvenation Within - this has been a vision for many years for out in rural Taihape by the waterfall! This however has not come to fruition as yet!

RejUvenation Within though is a different story. Based 25 minutes from Christchurch in a idyllic rural setting on 10 acres of stunning farmland. Quiet, and tranquil. DCT and their team of volunteers will over the coming months along with sponsors and the community begin to shape what will be RejUvenation Within.
Our Plan to get there
  • The plan is extremely simple. Now that we have the location we can start to plan the retreat. And to gain consents etc.
  • The very first step is setting up our colossal vegetable garden - we have been donated many plants by our friends ECO SEEDLINGS (Christchurch), AWAPUNI NURSERIES (Palmerston North) and GORDON'S GARDENS (Christchurch)

  • To further add to that BUNNINGS SHIRLEY - have donated 10 raised garden beds and along with our volunteers they are helping us in the new year construct he gardens ready to plant 500 odd plants!!!

  • The garden will be named 'Gordon's Garden' a gift in so many ways.