Frequently asked questions

You should find the answers to everything you might need to know about Call-der Retreat here, if not or you need more answers message us and we will help you!
  1. What is Call-der Retreat all about?
    Call-der Retreat is for YOU, our community. To come and enjoy, for a few hours, the day, the night, a few nights, or for a wee while. The idea of the retreat is to help you and your support network through the times of grief and struggles by encouraging and supporting you all. By giving you the tools and a beautiful space to just BE.... At this point in time the retreat will only be available for day visits until the consents etc have all been approved and then we can start to do the exciting stuff.
  2. What is the criteria for Call-der Retreat?
    We aren't about criteria, or judgement. If YOU feel like you need a break, then all we ask that you are honest and up front with us. We have a caring and encouraging approach. There are couple of rules that must be adhered to, but they are pretty simple. NO alcohol at the retreat (as some people may have had an addiction) NO recreational Drugs of any kind NO Violence of any kind IF at any point these are NOT adhered to, you will be immediately removed from the property.
  3. Is there internet at the retreat?
    Short answer, no. Why? Well... we are sure you are going to be having so much fun and having a lovely time the last thing you will want to be doing is being on the internet! We also ask people to restrict their cell usage - but in all honesty the reception is not great so technology is pretty much out!
  4. What will it cost me? or us?
    Nothing. Zip. Nada. Why? Well we believe you shouldn't have to pay for good health or recovery. SO thanks to generous donations and sponsors this is how we are able to provide this to you free of charge. Of course koha is always gratefully received or paying it forward. We encourage people to get in and and be a part of the daily routine at Call 'der Retreat. And by all means create something and leave your mark!
  5. Can I bring a bottle of wine or beer?
    No. This is a No. No. And drugs. Recreational drugs are a no no. You will be escorted off the property as we are here to help you. And sadly some people have had addictions to drugs and alcohol, so even the host family do not have it on site. Alcohol and Drug free!!!!
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